Through us, you can hire experienced drafts-person who help Electrical Engineers in NSW with their drawings for ASP Level 3 and building services designs. We can also help with DBYD Combined services allocation drawings. We have been helping reputed Consultants in NSW since 2018.

Who we are

We are an Australian Company that provides support to local Australian Businesses with cost-effective human resources for Autocad and other Drafting platforms.  Our aim is to help businesses perform with efficiency and operations like big corporations. We have consulted with multiple clients and implemented processes that are widely practiced and accepted in NSW in the Power Distribution Network (ASP3). We have then implemented the same process with our team located off-shore.  

Our team consists of university qualified and experienced Electrical Engineers who are proficient in Autocad Drafting. We have access to Australian Resources to help our team with additional training and support when required.  

We also have access to off-shore resources that are experts in Architectural Drafting in multiple tools including Autocad and Revit.  


Our Drafts-persons are trained and experienced in
  • NSW Standards 
  • Contestable Works/ASP3 Urban residential developments 
  • Relocation of OH & UG electrical assets for road re-alignment projects
  • Connection of Load
  • Combined services drawing based on DBYD information
    • Concept design of trench routes
    • Long Section and Trial Holes
Other Areas:

  • 3D illustrations of trenches and pits
  • As-built drawings.
  • Building Services drawings
We have provided staff for the following drafting projects:
  • Multiple drawings for electrical works related to development of Northern Road NSW
  • Connection of Load at Carnes Hill - Greater Sydney South West, Eastern Creek
  • Building Services Drawings for Multi Story private hospital in Sydney
  • Drafting for DBYD Service Allocation for Oran Park, Clemton Park  and Ashfield area in NSW
  • 3D representation of a legacy Ausgrid underground cable chamber interpreted from a 2D hand produced drawing located beneath Martin Place Railway station in Sydney

and more.....


We have consulted with our clients and implemented the most common processes and practices in place. There is very little for our clients to do in terms of transition of work. Whether it is a preliminary design or a red-line mark-up or even a service coordination drawing, our extensive Quality Management Plan ensures that the work delivered has undergone reviews before presenting to our clients. 

We work like your own team. When you hire a full-time equivalent, you don't have to worry about iterations and additional costs, just use your resources the way you would use them if they were in-house. When you hire us as on a project basis, our quotes usually include iterations so that you have a realistic expectation on the cost. 

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Our Relationship Executive, Eddy looks forward to hearing from you. You can send him an email on eddy@progressassurance.com.au or call him on +61 2 8005 6684. 

Working Hours:

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

The Progress Assurance Company Pty. Limited

ABN 93 624 639 416 

Just think of us as an extension of your own business. 

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